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Extra Possibilities

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Extra Possibilities

By this point, you should have decided the basic layout of your room. Up to now we have only been dealing with worktops and under-bench cabinetry. There are also other storage options available and we have a large Gallery showing real world examples.

Wall cabinets

A great way to add a lot more storage, in a cost effective manner, without taking up more floor space. As with our base units, the wall units can be any size or shape. Wall units are commonly used for standard storage, sterilised tray storage or dispenser units holding towels, gloves, masks and cups.

Tall Storage

Tall storage units add a very large amount of storage space and can be made any height or width. They tend to be added to the end of worktop runs, in the corner of the room. Or they can be entirely separate to the main cabinetry. The doors can be arranged in a number of different ways, including, single door, twin door (like a wardrobe), split door (top and bottom), door on top and drawers below….or any different combination.

Mobile Cabinets

A great way of adding flexible storage is to use mobile cabinetry. Have a look at our specific Mobile Cabinets page for more details. Mobile cabinets are often used by dentists who carry out more surgical type procedures because of the need for the fixed cabinetry to be further from the patient and for more space around the head of the chair.


As mentioned previously in this guide, solid surface worktops can be made to any size or shape. You can incorporate sweeping curves, integrated splashbacks and a range of different integrated sinks.

Solid surface worktops are a lot more budget-friendly than in the past, especially in some of the more regular colours such as white. We’re happy to give you a stand-alone quote for your worktops so you can see for yourself.

Anything is possible

If you need an odd sized cabinet or have a particular requirement then let us know and there will be a solution.


Our cabinetry can be fitted onto a finished floor or we can put our cabinets in first and have the flooring coved up the plinths of our units. Both ways have their pros and cons and we’ll be happy to give you our opinion on the best method, which will be based on your room requirements.

Clinical Equipment

It’s best if the clinical equipment is installed after the cabinetry. The fitting of the cabinetry for a dental surgery or decontamination room will create dust and some mess. We can cover and protect any equipment that is present but the whole process works best when the equipment is installed after we have had a chance to tidy up.

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