CAD Design

Drawing Revisions

We will revise all drawings until you are completely satisfied that they fulfil your requirements.

We can produce wholly different designs for the same room in order to fully explore the cabinetry layout possibilities.

Our drawings are constructed in Auto-Cad and are highly accurate and scalable in both plan and elevation views.

Service Drawings

Once a dental surgery design is finalised, Intrafit will issue detailed service drawings.

These drawings allow trades to 1st fix all the relevant services.
We supply dimensioned information regarding basic electrical and plumbing requirements as well as dental specific information such as chair service position, suction and compressed air.
We will happily liaise with trades and supply any required information.
We can attend site prior to equipment installation to advise on service requirements.

3D Designs

3D images are a huge help for visualisation of the room layout.

The images also help with colour choice. Once the room is built in 3D CAD, it is extremely easy to change the colour of the cabinets, worktops, walls or floors.

We have found this an enormously useful feature.