Video Gallery

Bespoke Straight Run

This layout has Mist (H) coloured worktops and Forest fronts. There are a variety of wall units: dispenser units, roller shutter units and glass fronted tray storage units. The dispenser units have oval cut-outs in the fronts for access to gloves and/or masks. The glass tray storage units have glass shelves for maximum sterilisation purposes. The coved and integrated worktop upstand continues unbroken to the underside of the wall units. This creates an uncluttered clinical area and allows the services to be concealed.


Corner Layout

This is an ‘L’ shape dental surgery layout. The corner cupboard normally stores a PC and the suction unit. This is the most popular type of layout we produce. As with all our designs, all the sizes and configurations of the cabinetry and worktops can be customised to suit your working methods. This is the same layout as used on our ‘Colour Picker’ page. The worktops are Indigo Blue (Hanex) and the fronts are Textured White.


Mobile Cabinets

This is our standard base unit storage cupboard in a mobile form. The worktop has the grab handles positioned to the side. The cupboard has a rubber ‘bump strip’ around 3 sides to protect the unit and prevent damage to surrounding furniture. The worktop shown is Blanche (H) and the front is Gloss Sky.