Once the design is finalised then it’s time to think about the finishing details.



The colour choices for the cabinets and worktops is difficult and all down to you I’m afraid. Have a look at our Colour Picker page for some potential combinations. We’re also happy to post you some physical samples for both worktops and cabinet fronts.

A lot of our work has been a combination of white worktops + coloured fronts or the other way around with coloured worktops + white fronts. We think these combinations work well but there are plenty of great combinations out there.

The vast majority of our previous work has used white décor panels. We find this gives emphasis to the colour of the fronts. Please take the time to look at our Gallery for lots of colour combinations.


Room Preparation

Once the design has been approved, we will issue Service Drawings showing the electrical and plumbing requirements.

It’s better for everyone if the room is as finished as possible before we arrive. Preferably all the 1st fix services work will be done and the room decorated.



Our cabinetry can be fitted onto a finished floor or we can put our cabinets in first and have the flooring coved up the plinths of our units. Both ways have their pros and cons and we’ll be happy to give you our opinion on the best method, which will be based on your room requirements.


Clinical Equipment

It’s best if the clinical equipment is installed after the cabinetry. The fitting of the cabinetry for a dental surgery or decontamination room will create dust and some mess. We can cover and protect any equipment that is present but the whole process works best when the equipment is installed after we have had a chance to tidy up.



As a rule of thumb, it will take 2 days on site to fit your surgery or decontamination room. We are happy to work as ‘supply only’ or alternatively as ‘supply and install’.