At Intrafit, we often speak to dentists who are struggling to work out the best way of using the space within a room. This aim of this guide is to show what’s possible and what our thought processes are when we look at the size and shape of a room.

1) If you want us to provide you with a free CAD drawing showing the layout of cabinets, worktops and equipment then please send us the

dimensions of the room and we’ll draw it for you. You’ll get drawings and a cabinetry quote for free, with no obligation.

2) If you want to be more involved in the process then please read the guide and download the free PDF resources in Section 8 that will help you set out your room.

We’re happy to help and provide advice or guidance at any stage. Use our Contact Us page or give us a call. We can talk you through sizes, minimum dimensions and what’s good practice when planning a room.